About Us

Welcome to Cusco – the historic capital of the Incan Empire.  Almost 400,000 people call Cusco home including those of us here in the Intrepid office. As a part of the Urban Adventures network, we are excited to share a part of the Cusco and Sacred Valley experience with you, with a range of locally recommended Cusco day tours on offer.

One of the most important initiatives we have here in Cusco and the Sacred Valley is working with local communities. We often hear about a community from our porters, leaders or locals who are from the community or have contacts there. We then visit the community, meet with the community heads and members, talk about the activities they would like to share with our passengers on our tours of Cusco. We participate in the activities if we can, and discuss with them the purpose of Intrepid’s visits and Intrepid’s philosophy.

As with all Intrepid offices, here in Cusco we have a strong focus on sustainability and responsible operation.  Some of the initiatives we are proud of include: recycling, giving all of our tour leaders and employees reusable water bottles and bags, keeping the lights off in the office when there’s sufficient daylight, opening windows and using fans instead of air conditioning, and reusing as much of our paper as possible.  We also assess our carbon impact two times per year, and we’re always on the lookout for new ways we can reduce our ecological footprint. 

Our Cusco office is comprised of a fun team and everyone working here truly embodies the ‘Intrepid Spirit’.  Over the past few years we have worked hard to create Cusco trips, and now Urban Adventures, which take travelers off the beaten track to create a hands-on cultural experience in a responsible and sustainable way. Whether this is visiting a local community or learning how to make a regional dish, our goal is to help make the world feel a little smaller by inspiring our travelers to experience a culture and its people in the most intrepid way possible - through local knowledge and local experience.